Ant Cousins

VP of AI Strategy, Ant Cousins, VP of AI Strategy, Cision

Ant Cousins began his journey 24 years ago in technology roles for the Ministry of Defence but quickly moved to Public Relations where he provided media advice to British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan countering Taliban propaganda. This experience led him to roles in Counter-Terrorism, where he focused on combatting Al-Qaeda's Single Narrative as they sought to radicalise young Muslims in the UK, and later to political analysis and strategy in the Middle East during the pivotal 'Arab Spring' or ‘Social Media Revolutions’. In 2013 Ant started working exclusively in leadership roles in AI-focused startups, resulting most recently in him leading Factmata, an AI startup focused on detecting misinformation, through an acquisition by the global Comms & PR tech provider, Cision. Ant is an accredited PR practitioner, member of the UK All Party Parliamentary group on AI, Chair of the Associated for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC) Tech-Hub and was named in PR Week's 'Dashboard 25' in 2023 and 'Dashboard AI 25' in 2024.